Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aviation and climate change

Aviation and climate change, it sounds like a strange combination but it is one that is very hot these days. One of the reasons why this popped up on the radar is the fact that the European Commission is working on a Regulation that would include aviation into the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Welcome to the Aviation Law Blog

A new blog devoted to all aspects of aviation law, for students, academics, professionals or just people with a general interest in air law.

This new blog will be dedicated to all aspects of aviation law. From the competition angle to the climate change aspects and taxation of the air industry. The purpose is to monitor all relevant air law news and other developments.

As there are several US weblogs on air law and multiple general European Union law weblogs, I found it very difficult to find one devoted to air law in the EU itself . So, that's the general idea; a blog devoted to air law which pays attention to all developments with a focus on the EU.

As this blog is now in its start up phase, all comments are more than welcome as in which direction you would like to see this blog go. But, as I already have a good idea on where to go, you can expect the first postings very soon.